How It Works

Customized is a customization platform with a focus on customer personalization and one-of-a-kind products.

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Select Your Products

Add your own products into Customized or select from hundreds of available print-on-demand products.

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High Standards

Product and print quality standards that consistently receive 5-star reviews.

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Fast Fulfillment

We have service agreements
with our printers ensuring
fulfillment in 1-4 business days.

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Premium support

Need help? We handle all service requests from end-to-end. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Continuous Improvement

Constant monitoring of printer
performance ensuring
top quality products ALWAYS.

White Label Customizer

Add your own assets like fonts, patterns and clipart. Choose colors to match your store for a completely white label customization experience.

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Branded Customizer

Add your color and logo to match your branding.

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3D & AR Shopping

Customers can preview custom item in 3D or Augmented Reality.

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Fonts and Patterns

Add your own fonts, patterns and clipart files to the customizer.

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Control Designs

Ability for stores to sell static designs that can't be customized.

Services - Saaslify X Webflow TemplateManage all orders from one place

Manage all your custom orders from one place

Approve orders, set pricing, view profit margin, enable/disable products and review order status all from your Customized dashboard.

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Inventory Managed

Don't worry about inventory. We handle that ensuring you never run out of stock.

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Your Price, Your Profit

Choose a sales price and see your expected profit. You set the price and collect the profit.

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Full Tracked

All orders are fully tracked. We send tracking back to your store for real-time updates.

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Order Approval

Require storeowner approval before item is made so you have final say of the order.